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Kyla has one main rule with collaboration...

Surround yourself with KIND people. 

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Writer / Theatre Maker / Movement Director

Natalie is a Kent based Choreographer and Director with over 10 years experience working with youth theatre. Natalie has done everything from Stage Managing and Directing a 50 cast show to Choreographing bands for professional music videos. She currently jumps between multiple companies sharing her well earned theatre skills with young performers, as well as co-organising a not-for-profit arts and wellbeing retreat in Kent with her twin sister. Alongside having ample skill and experience in theatre, she also happens to be Kyla's slightly shorter and slightly funnier twin sister, so there was no question who Kyla was going to bring on board as a trusted Movement Director and member of the team. Natalie joins Kyla and Hannah on the book team for Public.

Hannah Sands

Theatre Maker / Writer / Producer

Hannah is an English/South African theatre maker, eager to collaborate with exciting artists in order to bring new voices and stories to the stage. Hannah was previously resident assistant director at the Manchester Royal Exchange, and now associate director on Bloody Elle: a gig musical (written and performed by Lauryn Redding.) Hannah has long been an avid fan/stalker of Kyla’s musical prowess (their words not mine!) and is excited to be supporting them in bringing their creative talents back to theatre. Hannah is also a proud creative in the queer community and random fact, the pair actually met briefly age 12 at that same Sunday theatre school!

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Olivia Zacharia

Musical Director

Liv began learning the piano at the tender age of four, after being taken to her first West End show. Shortly after this, her love for Music and Theatre was born. 


Olivia has worked with artists such as Mica Paris, Gareth Gates and John Owen-Jones.

This is a team of kind hearted souls and Olivia is no outlier. She's as talented as she is wonderful to work with. Another crazy fact! Liv, Kyla and Nat went to Primary School together!

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